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Miguel Bibiloni Abogados


Miguel Bibiloni Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm located in Son Castelló (Palma de Mallorca) and in Sa Pobla, specializing in legal advice and in various areas of law.
Our system of work is based on a very personalized treatment with the client so that he feels calm and protected, characterized by the quality of our services and closeness of our professionals.



The office is composed of several lawyers who work independently. However, those cases of greater complexity are treated together to better defend the interests entrusted.



Due to our commitment and dedication, we consider ourselves a dynamic and coordinated team, organized at work and committed to our professional practice, as well as individuals and companies that have decided to trust us for their legal advice or resolution of their conflicts.



Our professionals are in constant training and evolution, adapting, at all times, to the demands of our clients, covering in this way all the legal areas that we develop.

We evaluate your case without compromise

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